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Simply put, a press release alerts the media to the announcement of some important event. 

Some items commonly associated with press releases are:  a church bazaar, arts and craft fair, school openings or maybe even a special recognition award ceremony.

More typically, press releases are used for commercial puposes.  Some may include a new company launch or store opening, a new product, sales accomplishment or even the addition of a new staff member.

Whether the announcement is done in some local, community newspaper or on the front page of a leading daily journal, it must quickly catch a reporter's eye so as to provoke generating a feature story.
Press releases are a fundamental tool in any public relations (PR) endeavor--and they cost plenty. 

Generally, a 400 word national press release can cost upwards of $500.00 and $150.00 per each additional 100 words.

But, it doesn't have to be so at ChristePublishers.  We work with you and if need be, we'll even show you how to write one up for yourself!

But, if you insist, we will do it for you! And, we are really good at it too!

Simply fill out our
Inquiry Form and let us know what you have in mind!
And, while we are at it, we also do writing and editing for other commercial purposes as well such as:

* Product descriptions for retail giants eBay and Amazon. 

* Product reviews for Amazon and other major online sites. 
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