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In today's fast moving, highly competitive world of publishing, having copyright protection has almost become a necessity.  If it's your idea, design, musical or literary work, then you have a right to protect it legally from copyright infringement--and many times from filthy lucre.

Copyright protection is
NOT truly 100% effective in protecting your right.  However, at least there will be an official record of the originality of authorship should any legal disputes arise.

To be perfectly honest with you, all it takes for copyright to be established is a self-addressed envelope.  Your original work mailed to yourself and date-stamped by the U.S. Postal Service establishes copyright.

However, in today's complex and confusing global court rulings, it would be better if that officially registered work of yours be the defining evidence of originallity.

So, just to be sure, let us process the application and paperwork for you for an affordable additional charge--and let all doubt be eliminated as to Who-Wrote-What and When!
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