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There Is No Storm That Can Blow Down A House-- Built On The More Solid Foundation Of The Master Cornerstone.
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Get ready! A storm is headed your way.
You can count on it!

Part of getting ready for a storm is building the ship according to the specifications and listening to the Captain's instructions.  Have you built your Ark?
Are you listening?

Learn the principles you need to know when building your house on the solid Rock of Jesus Christ...
You've confessed the Word, given tithes and knocked on doors, yet your life is sorely lacking.

Is there something you've left out?  Probably...

Meditate The Word, your
Key To Success in the Kingdom of God!
                     "Just Give Him Thanks!"

In The Most Desperate of Circumstances, God Still Shows Up!

Learn what one Thanksgiving brings a single Mom and her two little boys as she discovers that
Not All Angels Have Wings...abandoned, jobless and with no way out, except one-just give Him thanks!

A very true and original Holiday story that still repeats itself today.
Build Yourself An Ark!
Item#: 0001
Special Price: $7.00
God's Missing Key To Success!
Item#: 0002
"Build Yourself
An Ark!"
"God's Missing Key
To Success!"
Just Give Him Thanks!
Item#: 0003
Special Price: $7.00
Special Price: $7.00

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