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Officially launched on the Internet in 2004, ChristePublishers began with a mandate from the Lord to help Christians publish their stuff, God's stuff, on the Internet.

Sitting at an outdoor bakery in beautiful Coral Gables one wintery morning in 1997, Beverly Anne Sanchez heard a familiar, still, small Voice say, "One day you'll be writing articles on the Internet!" 

Startled, Beverly put down her cafe Cubano demitasse and pondered on what she had just heard. She had only heard of the Internet, didn't even own a computer and wouldn't know how to write an article for such a medium any way. 

There's going to be a quantum leap and the time will soon come when Christians will be publishing their works for the entire world to read - in a process which would be faster, simpler and at a more easily affordable cost than traditional methods," the Voice continued.

Now, several years and four websites later, the vision continues to unfold.
Need A Press Release For That Dream Job or Position?  Well, We Can Help There Too!

Whether it is a testimony, a thesis, an autobiography or a children's book of bedtime stories, every Christian has a story to tell.

Now, ChristePublishers offers Christians an e-writers resource center for their most priceless works to be designed, produced and published!

* And the best part of all is that they get to keep all of the Profits !