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Now is the time to put your stuff and God's stuff, on the Internet - through self-publishing!

Over the years, God has placed certain things in your heart; or  perhaps just recently.
Now is the time to put it all into digital or printed medium!

Whether an autobiography, church recipe book or doctoral thesis, we can help you publish your work as an e-medium on the Internet and/or in printed book form.

And the best part of all is -

* You Get To Keep All The Profits of Any Your Books You Sell!

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Being a Self-publisher is not an easy process; in fact, for many, it's like being in a maze!

However, at our all-in-one full service self-publishing center, you will be able to save valuable time, expense and many times, needless frustration. 

At our site, ChristePublishers.com, we make self-publishing fairly simple and a relatively inexpensive thing to do.

Our highly experienced and courteous staff of professional Christian writers, translators, editors and ebook/website design artists will always be there to help you along the way.

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